Victoria’s Secret Swimwear is Coming Back This Year!

Women who were big fans of Victoria’s Secret swimwear were hugely disappointed when the company announced that they would no longer be selling swimwear. But, things are about to change, as the store has now made plans to bring back those adorable bikinis and one-piece swimsuits. Check out the information below to learn more.

Changes Coming in the Spring of 2019

Victoria’s Secret has been suffering from low sales numbers for a long time, and the company now believes that, by adding back swimwear, they can help boost their sales numbers again. And, according to Inquisitr, it might not stop there, as VS is also planning on focusing more on its footwear and eyewear offerings as well.

Trying to Keep Up with the Competition

Even though Victoria’s Secret used to do very well in the past, with high sales numbers and a lead against their competition, things have shifted quite a bit in recent years. Many competitors have been able to offer great products at more affordable prices, so consumers have been shifting away from VS and towards their other options. Because of this rise in competition, Victoria’s Secret swimwear and other products are being added back to their stores and online shop in an effort to get ahead again.

Also, standards and expectations in terms of what models should look like have harmed the Victoria’s Secret brand, which is known for its tall, skinny models. With other brands showcasing beautiful models of all shapes and sizes, consumers are able to identify with VS’s competitors more than they can with VS models. This has done quite a bit of damage to the store as well.

Bottom line: those who loved Victoria’s Secret swimwear are likely going to very happy to learn that it is coming back soon. But, whether or not this step will be enough to get Victoria’s Secret back to where it used to be will have to be seen.