The Hottest Bikini Looks Are From Brazil

If you’ve passed a bathing suit hanging on a rack, or browsed a swimwear shop online, you’ve surely found that Brazil is leaving no stone unturned on the resort scene this year.

women wearing brazil bikini tops on the beach in Rio de JaneiroIn short, Brazil is cosmopolitan: almost every Brazilian lives in the fast-paced urban center. Now top it all off with Brazil’s 5000 miles of coast, each and every one of them filled with fashion-forward women who expect clothes to sizzle at the scene.

Now let’s come back to America. We’ve hashed and rehashed the triangle-top and string bottom. We’ve pretty much wrung out the thong– minimalism can only go so far before there’s nowhere left to go. There’s one thing we haven’t depleted the options on: high glamour.

Presenting Brazil, saturated in the big, intoxicating spirit of the 60’s, and the international stars that propelled it. Think Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, Ann Margret, or Ursula Andress, stepping out of the surf in her belted bikini to whip the world into a frenzy.


Just like other areas of the fashion arena, the Brazilian aesthetic incorporates contemporary colors and textile technology with unmistakable shades from the Sixties. This suggests vivid, bright plastic white, color-blocked black, and clashing fluorescents, with touches of vinyl and metal. And Mod!


The old triangle top, generally intended for the small-busted woman, begins to seem a little blah in contrast to the womanly styles from Brazil, such as low-slung “hipster” bottoms (particularly stylish when combined with exciting belts). You’ll find Brazilian tops designed for voluptuous busts, with supporting lace-ups or underwire structure.


runway model wearing a crocheted swimsuit cover-upOur favorite aspect about Brazilian styles are the textures, which seem unique in our post-production, mass-market planet. Brazil knows that women appreciate the softer aspect of sexy– the kind that certainly never turns up in beer commercials.
Rather than going with a minimum of coverage, Brazil puts to use high-tech woven, water-friendly crochet and macram̩ for swim tops and bottoms. We love the macram̩-strung bikini bottomsРoften decorated by brassy buttons or shells. And we really love the giant embroidered florals (touched up with crystals), the French knots, and the hand-painted fabrics that turn up on tops. Our fave is the lycra-touched crochet pullover which goes from day to night. Wear it at the beach, then wear it again at the club. A feminine, crocheted top covering a bikini bottom is the sort of effect that smashes the Richter scale.

Best of all, these fashions can be dressed to the nines with a smoky swath of eye shadow and big, clunky accessories.


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