Swimwear Fashions Have Come a Long Way Over the Last Century

When you look back at the bathing suit styles of the past, it becomes super clear that things have certainly changed. Fashion, after all, is a reflection of society in any given moment. It is always evolving, and it is always changing and shifting with society’s rules and expectations.

Swimwear fashion is interesting, particularly because wearing a swimsuit reveals quite a bit of your body, and the swimwear fashions of the past was much more conservative than it is today.

What Were Swimwear Fashions Like in the Past?

According to The New York Times, changes in swimwear fashions came about gradually. Initially, it was all about being modest at the beach or by the pool, so men were expected to wear a T-shirt, while women were expected to don long skirts. By today’s standards, that’s really hard to believe!

Here are some important dates in the world of swimwear fashion:

  • 1925: Atlantic City’s mayor decides that women would be allowed to wear one-piece bathing suits. Those could have skirts, and women could show off their bare legs.
  • 1946: This is the first time that the bikini hit the world of swimwear fashions, making quite the splash. Even in the United States, the bikini was not well-received, so it took a while before it would be accepted.

Today’s Swimwear Options Are Fun and Sexy

It is really clear to see that, over the last century, swimwear fashion has certainly come a very long way. A lot has changed, thankfully, and women are more capable than ever of expressing themselves freely through their fashion choices, both in everyday life and during the summer when they are at the beach or by the pool.

Today’s bathing suits range from beautiful one-piece swimsuits that are more modest, to those that have sexy cutouts to show off a woman’s figure. And, of course, they also include the two-piece bikini, with a wide range of styles for tops and bottoms to complement and enhance every figure perfectly.

What’s your favorite type of swimsuit to wear when you go swimming or sunbathing? Aren’t you amazed by how many choices you have today, especially compared to the many restrictions that both men and women faced in the past? Definitely something to be grateful for!