Here’s What 2018’s Summer Brought to Swimwear Fashion Trends

Every year brings with it new fashion trends that you can embrace, and the swimwear fashion trends of 2018 did not disappoint.

Below is what 2018’s summer brought to swimwear fashion trends. Did you make the most of these trends when sporting your swimsuit by the pool or at the beach?

One-Pieces and High-Cut Bottoms Made a Comeback

Bikinis have been in fashion for years, but 2018’s swimwear fashion trends included a lot more one-pieces that women of all shapes and sizes could enjoy.

If you’re tired of wearing two-piece swimsuits or you want to hide some imperfections and give your body a leaner appearance, today’s stylish one-pieces may be just what you are looking for.

Another trend, according to Pensacola News Journal, was the high-cut bottom. Sexy without revealing as much, this is another fabulous choice for many body types.

Bralettes: Not Just for Under Your Clothes

If you love wearing bralettes, you’ll be happy to learn that swimsuit trends in 2018 included sporty bralettes that are cute and functional. These are a great way to spice up your bikini and show off some skin.

Note that, if you don’t feel comfortable exposing so much skin to the sun’s harsh rays, there are also stylish long-sleeved tops and one-pieces that became trendy in 2018.

Feminine Colors Were Top Picks

When it comes to color choices, feminine hues became more popular in 2018. Think: mint, jade, and blush colors.

Beyond color, though, we also saw a variety of styles that sported florals and stripes. And, there was also a surge in new fabrics that showed off texture and shimmer throughout the 2018 summer season.

Some of these swimwear fashion trends will still be popular next summer, so if you missed out this past year, don’t worry. No matter what style you decide to don, be sure to protect your skin so you can enjoy some fun in the sun without getting burned.