Instagram’s New Policy Gets Tough on Swimwear Brands and Influencers

There are a lot of swimwear brands and social media influencers out there, all vying for the public’s attention so they can increase sales. Unfortunately, Instagram has implemented a policy that’s causing lower engagement and lost profits, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

The New Rules for Swimwear Brands

Here’s the basic breakdown of the new rules that swimwear businesses and influencers now need to follow on Instagram:

  • Any account that ends up posting an image that can be considered “sexually suggestive” will face consequences, thanks to the new algorithm.
  • Sexually suggestive images will receive less engagement because they’ll become less visible to any accounts that aren’t already following the swimwear companies that posted the images. So, for example, it will be harder for people to discover a new swimwear product or brand with this new algorithm.
  • As a result of these changes, it will likely become more difficult for swimwear promoters to gain access to a larger audience.

Questions Remain

Despite the news of these changes, there are still questions, such as how Instagram will consider which photos are sexually suggestive. Perhaps it will have something to do with the amount of skin that’s exposed, but the algorithm is still private, so no one can be sure. In the meantime, brands are trying to fight back, and it’ll be interesting to see where this all goes.