Nike Victory Swim Collection Includes Swimwear with Hijab

Swimwear for women is usually focused on cute little pieces that are sexy and show a lot of skin. But what if you are the type of woman who does not feel comfortable showing a lot of skin? What if you come from a culture where showing skin is against your beliefs? In these, and so many other cases, the average swimwear line that is available for women today falls short. There aren’t very many options for women who are seeking more coverage when they go swimming. That is, until Nike came along with a new swimwear line that is already turning heads, even though it hasn’t even officially hit store shelves yet.

There are a lot of different swim collections out there from myriad brands, including Nike, but the Nike Victory Swim Collection is different from all the rest. This is fashion designed for women who want more coverage when they are at the beach or in the pool. And, by “more coverage,” we really mean full coverage, from head to toe. Keep reading to see what we mean, and to learn more about what makes this particular swimwear line stand out against the rest.

What Is Included in the Nike Victory Swim Collection? 

The Nike Victory Swim Collection is unique because it includes the brand’s Full-Coverage Swimsuit, as well as other pieces that can complete your look. Those include the Victory Swim Tunic Top, the Victory Swim Leggings, and the Victory Swim Hijab. Yes, you read that right: this swimwear line contains a hijab for those women who want to wear it while they are in the water.

The best part about the Nike Victory Swim Collection is the fact that these pieces aren’t just modest, they are also really fashionable. Plus, they are also high-performance pieces that allow every type of athlete to perform well in the water, even if they want full coverage. No longer do these women have to sacrifice full range of motion to get the modest swimwear that they desire. Whether you are a beginner swimmer and you want to improve your abilities in the water, or you are a pro level athlete who has struggled to really do your best because of swimwear garments that have weighed you down, this Nike swimwear line is sure to please.

How Did It All Start, and What Inspired Nike to Take This Route? 

It really all started with the Nike Pro Hijab, which received a host of positive responses from those who had used it. Designers at Nike decided that it was time to keep going by making more swimwear pieces for women from around the world. Thus, the Nike Victory Swim Collection was born, delivering a combination of comfort and modesty without sacrificing functionality.

This all means that women don’t have to worry anymore about having to wear baggy pieces to cover up, only to feel as though they can’t move fluidly through the water. Nike’s swimwear stays in place, and it does not get in the way of a swimmer’s performance.

It’s All About the Details 

The Nike Victory Swim Collection works so well because it is made of warp-knit fabric. This means that the pieces are breathable, they dry quickly, and they are lightweight. Plus, this swimwear line even protects you against the sun, thanks to its UPF 40+ rating, which provides protection from your head to your toes.

Another nice feature is the fact that there is a built-in sports bra and perforated cups in the Swim Tunic Top and the Full-Coverage Swimsuit. Also, the Swim Hijab is capable of keeping hair firmly in place, even when underwater, because of its integrated mesh pocket.

Overall, every piece in this innovative collection makes swimming with full coverage a great experience. If you have been prevented from swimming confidently and comfortably because of your swimwear, this might be the ideal solution to your problems. Nike has definitely come through, yet again, with high-quality products that are changing the fashion scene in the world of athletics.

When Can You Buy the Nike Victory Swim Collection? 

By now, you might be wondering when you can get your hands on the impressive pieces in this swimwear collection. Well, according to Time, the Nike Victory Swim Collection will be available to consumers in February 2020.

Once available for sale, you can buy these pieces easily online, as well as in some retail locations throughout the world. Locations like Dubai, London, and New York City should have these products on their shelves before you know it.

Stellar Reviews Are Already In

Thus far, those who have already tried this swimwear line love it. Women find that it doesn’t hold you back from performing at your best in the water. You can move through the water with greater confidence, especially if you are the type of woman who was always concerned with remaining modest and covered in the water. For female athletes who used to be held back by outdated swimwear, the Nike Victory Swim Collection is definitely something to look forward to, and it can really change lives by giving more women the chance to do what they love while wearing what they want.

Consumers are eagerly anticipating the launch of this swimwear collection, which is really like no other on the market today. If you are interested in giving it a try, you won’t have to wait very long, and Nike is sure to be excited about hearing more reviews from average consumers who use their products for fun or for athletic performance. And, it will also be great to see what Nike comes up with next!