What’s Behind the Trending #MedBikini this Summer?

Social media trends come and go all the time. You may have even participated in one or more of them over the last few years. Sometimes, they are done purely for fun and laughs, while other times, they are meant to draw attention to an important issue. No matter what, those hashtags seem to be everywhere, getting people excited to hop aboard another trend.

One particular hashtag that you may have come across this summer is the #MedBikini trend. If you do a search for this hashtag, you will notice that it showcases a lot of doctors posing in swimsuits.

Do you know what this is about? Well, it turns out that a lot of people have seen this hashtag, but don’t really know what its message is. That is why we are here to shed some light on #MedBikini, why it started, and what its purpose is.

How the Interesting #MedBikini Trend All Started

According to Scientific American, the #MedBikini trending hashtag started in July. Basically, it started on the 23rd of that month, when doctors from across the globe started posting photos of themselves wearing bikinis. They would, of course, use the hashtag in their captions, and that would allow all of the photos to show up whenever you performed a search for #MedBikini.

The Message Behind #MedBikini

If you are like a lot of people, you might be wondering why physicians would decide to take this idea seriously, especially during a year when people around the world are already dealing with so much, such as the outbreak of the coronavirus. Aren’t there big issues to tackle right now?

So, what’s the story that started #MedBikini?

Basically, it has to do with a study that was meant to look at how doctors behaved on social media channels. The research was conducted by experts who wanted to look at social media posts of people training in vascular surgery, and they wanted to classify the images and post as unprofessional or professional. This study was completed, and it was published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery.

What happened once the results of the study were shared? Well, when the article made its way to Twitter, the authors of the study were attacked for being unprofessional. Also, there were a lot of issues raised about the study itself, including the way that it was conducted, because it involved creating fake accounts to spy on trainees. Nobody would want that!

Put simply, people were being spied on on social media, and their posts were being judged based on the study authors’ views of what would be considered controversial or unprofessional. For example, if they saw a political post or a post about religion, they would decide whether that post was controversial or unprofessional.

And, when it came to photos, in particular, the judges were looking for what they deemed to be inappropriate or provocative clothing and swimwear, even when it came to costumes for Halloween.

What’s worse is that a team of researchers that was mostly male was responsible for judging the posts and photos! So, this is when the #MedBikini hashtag was born.

Physicians Feel They Should Be Able to Speak About Various Topics

Even though the researchers felt that doctors shouldn’t be posting about topics that are deemed controversial, the truth is that physicians have spoken up in the past, and should be able to continue speaking up, about a wide range of topics, from abortion and racism to gun rights, and everything in between.

When it comes to how they dress, physicians should also be allowed to wear whatever they want when they are not working. A woman should be able to wear a sexy bikini or a sexy Halloween costume without being judged for it. And, again, this is where #MedBikini has come in handy, as it has allowed these professionals to spread this message with greater ease.

A Hashtag to Draw Attention to an Important Topic

The #MedBikini movement was designed to not only draw attention to this study, but also to prove that doctors are just like everyone else. They can have fun, and they can dress however they like, and they can also talk about issues that impact people in their own community, in their own workplace, and in all parts of society and the world.

Sure, people judge one another based on what they post on social media, and that is how the study’s authors defended their research, but they faced a lot of backlash because of what they did and how they were judging posts made on the internet. Thankfully, there has been a strong response, with a lot of people posting photos with the MedBikini hashtag, and this tactic has actually helped bring physicians together.

So, now, the next time that you see this hashtag anywhere on social media, whether it is on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you will know what it means, what its message is, and where it came from. And, you can show your support if you wish.

Have You Ever Used a Hashtag?

What hashtags have you used in the past? Have you posted about important issues, and used your photos to promote a specific message with a trending hashtag? If you are like a lot of people who use social media regularly, you have likely already taken advantage of a trend to voice your thoughts and opinions, and to show support for a cause that you care about.

Ultimately, the MedBikini hashtag is just physicians’ way of saying that they deserve to be able to speak about what they want, and post whatever photos they want, when they are using the same social media channels that everyone else uses.