Limited Edition Emirates Landing Sustainable Father and Son Swimwear Just Launched

You have heard of Emirates, right? It is an airline company that is based in the United Arab Emirates—more specially, Dubai. But, have you heard of Emirates Landing? It is a really neat collaboration that Emirates has entered into with a swimwear brand known as Joseph & Alexander. And, what makes Joseph & Alexander so special is the fact that it is an eco-conscious company. We could definitely use more of those types of businesses in the world today!

There is an Emirates Official Store that you can visit online. There, you will find a lot of different merchandise, from aircraft models and clothing for men and women, to accessories, toys for kids, and clothes for kids. But now, with the Emirates Landing line, you can even get sustainable father and son swimwear, which has just launched in time for the summer travel season.

More About Emirates Landing

The Emirates Landing father and son swimwear collection is a limited edition collection, according to Esquire.

The great thing about these swim trunks is the fact that they are made from recycled fabrics that were made using environmentally friendly ink and ocean plastics. This means that father and son can match while they are lounging by the pool or when they are swimming at the beach, and they can both support sustainable businesses and the environment at the same time. How amazing!

A New Color That Breaks from Tradition

The traditional color of the Emirates airline company is red. In fact, when you think of the business, the color red likely comes to mind, right? Well, with the Emirates Landing swimwear that is now available, you will notice that the brand has departed from tradition a bit because the swimwear is a combination of turquoise and light blue colors, rather than the red that you would expect. These blue hues mimic the look of the ocean, making them perfect colors for swimwear that you will gladly don in the summer or during your winter getaway to a tropical spot.

A Larger Eco-Friendly Goal in Mind

In addition to collaborating with like-minded, eco-friendly businesses, Emirates is going beyond Emirates Landing to also be more environmentally friendly in other ways. The company has launched a larger campaign that has the ultimate goal of achieving, maintaining, and promoting cleaner air travel.

For example, once you are on an Emirates flight, you will notice things like eco-friendly blankets for Economy Class passengers (the blankets are constructed from recycled plastic bottles). Plus, the company is working towards fulfilling goals in environmental conservation, so passengers can feel good about purchasing a ticket to fly on these planes.

Start Shopping!

If you are interested in Emirates Landing and the new father and son swimwear, there is no better time than right now to head to the Emirates online store and make a purchase. Before you know it, you’ll be sporting stylish swimwear that’s also a fantastic conversation piece because of how it is made, and the interesting businesses behind it all.