Emily Simpson Swimsuit Photoshoot Shared Positive Body Image Message

When celebrities take professional photos of themselves in swimsuits, it leaves most people in awe of how they can maintain such sexy bodies. And, seeing all of those celebs looking amazing in their bikinis can also wreak havoc on the average person’s self-esteem. So, when people saw the positive body image message that went along with the Emily Simpson swimsuit photoshoot, they were pleasantly surprised.

Get to Know Emily Simpson

Emily Simpson is one of the stars of the hit show, The Real Housewives of Orange County, and she has a positive mission on social media because she is focused on exuding confidence and teaching others how to do the same.

The Results of the Emily Simpson Swimsuit Photoshoot

According to Bravo TV, Emily has used her social media profile to show off a series of photos from a glamorous photoshoot, during which she wore a few sexy swimsuits. But, rather than just using this as an opportunity to showcase her great body, like so many other celebrities would do, she added a truly inspiring, positive, and motivating message to the post, stating that she is proud of her body’s curves and isn’t afraid of showing them off.

Emily’s Instagram account displays the three photos, but if you keep swiping, you’ll end up on an image with a message that reads, “The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.” The quote is attributed to Mohadesa Najumi.

Emily’s Positive Message to Her Fans

Below the images, Emily also added her own message, writing, “Always remember that TRUE beauty radiates from inside, and there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who holds her head high, walks into a room with confidence and uses her energy to inspire other women to see their own beauty and strength. A number on a scale, or the size of your dress should never determine your worth. Beauty and confidence are found in all shapes and sizes. Never let anyone dull your sparkle, and never compare yourself to someone else. You are you. You are beautiful. You are a badass.”

It is wonderful to see that the Emily Simpson swimsuit photoshoot has been used to promote a much-needed, positive, and inspiring message to women all over the world. Visit Emily’s Instagram to see it for yourself.