Would You Wear A Duct Tape Bikini? They Sure Made a Splash at New York Fashion Week

Whether you are planning a wintertime getaway to a tropical location or the summer season is coming soon, you might be thinking about what bikini to purchase to show off your beach body on the beach and by the pool. But, would you ever wear a duct tape bikini? It sure made a splash at New York Fashion Week! Keep reading to learn all about it.

The Designer Behind the Duct Tape Bikini

Who came up with the duct tape bikini that graced New York Fashion Week? Well, it was none other than Black Tape Project, a Miami-based experimental designer who made a debut at Fashion Week. Models walked down the runway wearing outfits that were made out of duct tape and nothing else. That’s right: the duct tape that you use around the house!

What Does the Duct Tape Bikini Look Like?

According to The Observer, the duct tape bikinis on the runway were pretty interesting. Designs featured studs for extra embellishment, and the bikinis were placed on the models’ bodies in fashionable patterns.

Some of the bikinis were black, and they were quite revealing as well. One bikini featured a skirt made of duct tape, while another had a thong bottom. Many of the bikinis were even surprisingly colorful, considering that they were made with standard duct tape.

Would You Try It?

Sure, the duct tape bikini is an interesting, and very creative, concept, but it certainly isn’t practical. We do give the models a lot of credit for sporting these bikinis on the runway, and the designer also deserves credit for his innovative designs, which are definitely one-of-a-kind. Nevertheless, we wouldn’t recommend wearing one of these bikinis anywhere except a fashion runway. Plus, we can’t imagine how uncomfortable it must be to remove the tape once you’re done wearing the bikini—especially when removing it from sensitive areas!

Bottom line: with so many beautiful bikinis to choose from, many of which will show off your sexy figure beautifully, there’s no need to get experimental with one that is made from duct tape.