How to Focus on Body Positivity While Swimsuit Shopping

Trying to keep up body positivity while shopping for a swimsuit isn’t easy.  This is particularly true with the term “bikini body” being tossed around every spring and summer, with the implication that only the slimmest figures fit into that category.  The key to doing things right from now on is to shift your attitude. Remember that every single person has a bikini body. It all depends on the swimsuit they like and want to wear. The rest can be tossed straight out the window.

Building a Body Positivity Mindset

Simply deciding to take on body positivity as a mindset isn’t a matter of flicking a switch – at least not for most people. It’s hard to change from thinking of yourself as too heavy or ugly or any other negative term, to suddenly loving and accepting the way you look as beautiful because you’re you.

This effort toward body positivity is even harder at this time of year when you plan to wear a swimsuit.  After all, a swimsuit provides very little coverage. Anything you didn’t like about yourself physically is right there for people to see. This is all the more difficult when the ads for the same swimwear you’re trying on feature pictures of models with unrealistic body types basking in the sun after having been carefully reconstructed by photo editing software.

Body positivity may be a gradual process, but it only happens if you start. So, start.  Right now. Look at swimwear ads the same way you’d look at a cartoon.  Something artificially created. Something far from a representation of the way people really look.  After all, the average American woman’s dress size is between a 16 and an 18 according to research conducted by the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education.  Still, most stores stock sizes 00 through 12 for the vast majority of their swimsuit products. Any sizes above that range are available in a very limited number of bathing suits – if any at all.

When shopping, this can feel crushing to our self confidence and self esteem. It’s no wonder trying to buy a swimsuit is among the hardest activities for maintaining body positivity.

Times are Changing

Fashion influencers have started speaking out about the negative impact of swimwear marketing on body positivity. As people with influence start pointing fingers at specific brands for their irresponsible marketing choices, they’ve also started placing a positive spotlight on body-positive brands.

The following are some of the swimwear brands getting the nod from body positivity influencers for their great attitude toward the way real women are shaped.

  • Adoreme
  • Aerie
  • Albion Fit
  • Carve Designs
  • Modcloth
  • Nettle’s Tale
  • Swimsuits For All