Beefcake Swimwear Leaps Back in Time Into the Roaring Twenties

Have you always wanted to be able to shop from a swimwear line that took gender inclusivity and size into consideration? Well, then look no further than Beefcake Swimwear, which is one of the latest fashion brands in the world of swimwear that are really making a splash.

Beefcake Swimwear: Some Background 

What inspired Beefcake Swimwear? Well, according to Forbes, Mel Brittner Wells, who is the founder of the brand, started it because her non-binary friend really wanted to find a swimsuit in the style that was around during the 1920s.

You might be thinking, well, why couldn’t that friend just look in vintage shops to find a swimsuit from the ’20s? The problem was that the only ones that could be found were those that were made using wool.

Although Wells offered to make one of those types of swimsuits for her friend, she quickly realized it would be harder than she thought.

The Goal: A One-Piece 1920s Inspired Swimsuit 

It all started with the goal of creating a one-piece swimsuit like that from the 1920s. This would be a swimsuit style that would provide more coverage than many of today’s styles, but it would not feature any frills, or a skirt, or anything along those lines either. Wells figured that there had to be a sizable consumer base interested in this type of swimsuit style, so she created Beefcake Swimwear.

A Quick Look at Sizing 

When it came to sizing her swimsuits, Wells didn’t want to go with “plus size” because she wanted to be more inclusive.

On top of that, the average size of women in the United States is 14/16 anyway, so she decided to make her patterns from an extra-large size. Then, she went from there. Today, extra-large is their top selling swimsuit size.

Check Out Beefcake Swimwear! 

If this all sounds interesting to you, definitely give Beefcake’s swimwear a look. You might find the perfect style in the perfect size for your next trip to the pool.