UK Swimming Association Issues Formal Apology for Swimsuit-Related Body Shaming Comments

UK Swimming Association Issues Formal Apology for Swimsuit-Related Body Shaming Comments

Body shaming comments can negatively affect people of all ages, but they can really target women, and they can have an extremely negative impact upon young people. So, when the water-sports governing body in England, known as Swim England, made some swimsuit-related body shaming comments, a lot of people got angry. Thankfully, the UK swimming association has since issued a formal apology and made some positive changes.

Keep reading to learn more about this story, and to find out what happened after people spoke up and made their voices heard about the body shaming comments.

It Started with an Article

According to Time, the controversy started with an article on Swim England’s website. The article made swimsuit recommendations based on body shape. But, the article did so in a demeaning way, with sections discussing how a woman could accentuate her curves or enhance her cleavage. These comments, which didn’t have anything to do with a woman’s comfort in the water or her athletic performance while swimming, were offensive because they proved that the swimming association was focused primarily on how a woman looked while wearing a swimsuit.

An Apology Issued and Changes Made

The good news is that the body shaming comments were taken down, along with the rest of the content on the swimwear suggestions webpage. Also, a Swim England spokesperson issued an apology and stated that the swimsuit guide doesn’t actually represent the views of the swimming association. They even stated that they would replace the content with more appropriate, and more helpful, information that applies to their readers. This proves that they took the backlash seriously and they do really care about what their supporters, followers, and readers think. Many people were happy to see that action was taken to remedy the situation rather quickly.

Since the controversial body shaming content was removed, a new swimwear guide was posted, and this one doesn’t even reference gender at all. A step in the right direction!