Best Bikini for Your Body Shape

Best Bikini for Your Body Shape

Shopping for the perfect bikini can be really frustrating, but if you take your body shape into consideration, you can narrow down your choices to those that will look best on your frame and bring out your most attractive features.

What’s the best bikini for your body shape? Check out the guide below to make your shopping experience easier.


If you have a pear shaped body, the goal will be to balance the bottom half of your body with your upper half. Opt for a mix and match bikini, and stick with detailing and patterns on the top, such as ruffles, along with dark colors on a plain bottom. In this way, attention will be drawn upward, especially if you are wearing a halter top that gives the illusion that you have wider shoulders.

Inverted Triangle

If your body shape is that of an inverted triangle, the goal will be to balance your wider shoulders with your slimmer hips. Mixing and matching is a great way to find the perfect top and bottom to strike this balance. For example, you could go with a string bikini top that you can easily adjust to fit your body, and you can pair that with a cute bikini bottom that features an eye-catching pattern or details like ruffles that will draw the attention downward.


The best bikini for your body if you are sporting an apple shape will be one that features a high-waisted bottom that will help create the illusion that you are slimmer. If you wanted to go with a one-piece that will show off your curves, a deep neckline will help elongate the body and draw attention to your sexy bust.


A sexy hourglass figure will look fabulous in a classic bikini that features a bra style top with underwire, according to Cosmopolitan. A high-cut bottom can finish the look while lengthening your legs.

The best bikini for your body shape is out there; you just need to know what styles to look for so you can accentuate your sexiest features and feel super confident at the beach or by the pool.