Batoko Swimwear is Made from Recycled Plastic Waste for Green-Minded Fashions

Are you doing your best to lead a “greener” lifestyle? Are you hoping to find brands that you can support so that you can become a more eco-conscious consumer? And, are you searching for sexy swimwear that you will be able to proudly sport this summer? Then look no further than Batoko swimwear. This innovative brand is using recycled plastic to make fashion that looks great and is better for the planet. Read on to learn more.

Some History on Batoko Swimwear

According to Lonely Planet, Batoko is a British brand created by Melanie Bonsor and her husband.

Their goal is to make fashionable swimwear that people will be proud to show off. Using plastic waste to make their products is their way to fight both ecological injustice and social injustice that are caused by many brands in the fashion industry that are more concerned with output than the effects of their manufacturing practices.

On top of being a company that cares about the planet, Batoko is one that also cares about people. That’s why they use a factory that provides safe and fair working conditions.

What Is Batoko Swimwear Made From, Exactly?

The adorable pieces that are produced by Batoko are made using PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic that has already been used and discarded by consumers. Rather than allowing all of that harmful plastic to go to landfills or, worse yet, into the ocean, Batoko snatches it up to reuse it to create their eco-friendly fashion.

How do they do it? Well, they take the plastic to a sorting facility, and then they shred that plastic into flakes. The plastic is melted and extruded before it is then spun into a polyester yarn that can be used to craft the swimwear that they end up selling to the public.

Already Making an Impact, and You Can Help!

Wondering just how effective this strategy is for the environment? Well, their efforts have already made an immense impact, as this brand has already recycled the equivalent weight of more than 200,000 bottles. Super impressive, right? Now you can do your part by supporting this brand through your purchase of swimwear that you will absolutely love.

Definitely take a look at Batoko swimwear the next time that you are shopping for swimwear for yourself and your family. You’re sure to love their fun prints, and their pieces are surprisingly affordable, too!