Top 2020 Swimwear Trends to Expect This Spring and Summer

It’s that time of year again: time to search for beautiful, sexy swimsuits that you will be able to show off by the pool and at the beach! What are the top 2020 swimwear trends that you should expect this spring and summer? We’ve got you covered with some fashion highlights below that are sure to please.

Orange Color and Floral Patterns 

When you think about it, orange is the perfect color for both spring and summer, isn’t it? It’s the color of flowers, the color of sunsets, and a bright and vibrant color that makes you want to have fun. So, it should come as no surprise that the top 2020 swimwear trends include a range of orange hues on every type of swimsuit.

According to StyleCaster, another trend to look for is floral prints. From bikinis to tankinis and one-pieces, flowers on a swimsuit are definitely “in” this year, so if you love this pattern, you’ll definitely have plenty of options to choose from.

Long Sleeves and Cutouts 

One of the most fun and interesting of the 2020 swimwear trends is the long-sleeved look. You can find this trend in one-piece styles, as well as bikinis, and the best part is that you can protect your arms from the sun, especially if you have delicate skin that tends to burn easily.

Another style option is cutouts that are done in various ways to show extra skin—sort of the opposite of the long-sleeved look. Cutouts can be found in sexy one-piece swimsuits, but you might also come across some creative bikinis that feature this trend as well. 

High-Waisted Bottoms and Tiny Bottoms 

Love a good ol’ vintage look? Want to cover your belly a little more and be more comfortable? Then you will be happy to learn that you can find a lot of high-waisted bikini styles this year because it’s on-trend.

On the opposite end, though, you will also find bikinis that feature tiny bottoms if that is what you would prefer, so there’s really an option for everyone. Plus, this is a great way to show a lot of skin, and also get a great tan!

Have Fun Shopping 2020 Swimwear Trends!

Now that you know about the top 2020 swimwear trends, you know exactly what to search for when looking for a bikini or one-piece swimsuit that will make you look trendy and sexy when you’re swimming and sunbathing.