5 Hot 2020 Swimwear Trends You’re Sure to Love

Are you ready to head out into the sunshine and have some fun in the water at the beach or in your pool? Then it’s time to stock up on the latest swimsuits that feature must-have 2020 swimwear trends. What are those trends? We’ve compiled a list of five looks that you are sure to love.

5 2020 Swimwear Trends to Check Out 

When you’re ready to shop the latest styles of swimwear, look for the following fun looks:

1. High-Cut and High-Waist Bikini Bottoms 

If you’re a fan of high-cut bikini bottoms, or you prefer high-waisted bikini bottoms, you’re in luck, as both of these are trendy this year. These styles are sexy, but you can decide whether you want a little more coverage with a high-waisted bottom, or if you want to show off more leg with a high-cut bottom. 

2. Tie-Dye Designs 

Tie-dye is back and going strong again, and it is one of the most popular styles in swimwear right now. Regardless of what style of swimsuit you prefer wearing, you are likely to find a beautiful tie-dye design that is colorful, attention-getting, and loads of fun. 

3. Ruffles 

That’s right, cute ruffles on bikinis are trending, and they can take what would look like average swimwear and make it fun and unique. From bikini stops to one-shoulder styles, you might be surprised by the number of options with ruffles that are available this year. 

4. Textured Fabrics 

Looking for something a little different? Well, another one of the year’s top trends is textured swimsuits, according to Marie Claire. These are available in one-piece and bikini styles, and it’s worth checking out swimwear that features materials like seersucker to add something totally new to your collection. 

5. Animal Prints 

Finally, as you shop for swimwear in 2020, you are likely to find a lot of animal prints to choose from. Whether you prefer the stripes of a zebra or the spots of a leopard, you won’t be disappointed by the fact that these playful prints are trendy.   

Make the Most of Summer with These 2020 Swimwear Trends! 

One thing is certain: 2020’s swimwear options feature a lot of sexy styles that are taking boring swimsuits and bikinis and making them unique and interesting. Now that you know about some of the top 2020 swimwear trends, what are you waiting for? Stop wearing last year’s swimsuit, revamp your closet with the hottest styles, and then get ready to show off your new look.