Hidden Gem Beach in Mexico: Playa Platanitos

Hidden Gem Beach in Mexico: Playa Platanitos

A hidden gem beach in Mexico can be a surprise gift to your vacation. After all, anyone can find a crowded beach. If you’re a tourist, and you follow where everyone else is going, eventually, you’ll find yourself on a beach. That said, the odds are that every inch will be filled with people. This is the case on weekdays, but especially on weekends.

The problem with that type of experience is that while you will have a nice time in the sand and waves (if you don’t mind the crowds), it’s not really an experience limited to the country. One of the benefits of a hidden gem beach in Mexico is that you’ll get to spend some time with the locals. You’ll experience the country itself, not just the landscape filled with people from other places from around the world.

Why is Playa Platanitos a Hidden Gem Beach in Mexico

Nayarit is currently the home to one of the best kept secrets in the country. Though tourists are taking their first steps there, it’s far from the crowds of some of the more popular tourism destinations such as the Mayan Riviera and Cancun. This little “secret” part of the country is called Punta Custodio. It also has a top hidden gem beach in Mexico.

Punta Custodio isn’t where tourists will find large resorts. However, it known for being exceptionally friendly, very safe and is home to some of the most appealing luxury villa rentals Mexico has to offer. Within easy reach of those luxurious home-away-from-homes, visitors find Playa Platanos. It’s a beach not typically used by tourists but that the locals adore.

Why Visit Playa Platanos?

Playa Platanos isn’t just any other beach. It’s the beach the locals love. This is why it’s a hidden gem beach in Mexico. In terms of tourism, it’s greatly undiscovered. There, you’ll spend time with local Mexican surfers, sunbathers and families. You’ll be able to enjoy the waves and the sun without any rip tides to worry about.

At the same time, you’ll just melt over the delicious food and drinks offered by the many little restaurants and bars within a stone’s throw of the water. As a seafood lover, it’s practically your moral obligation to visit this hidden gem beach in Mexico. You’ll devour Sierra mackerel caught in the very waters splashing around your toes.

Be a Guest, Not a Tourist

The key to keeping this hidden gem beach in Mexico as perfect as it is, is to remember that you’re a guest. Respect the beach, keep it clean, and be just as friendly to the locals as they will be to you (because they’re very friendly!). It may not be a haven for people who love shopping, but you’ll get the authentic beach experience you simply won’t find elsewhere.