How Spring Break 2021 Looked Different from Previous Years

How Spring Break 2021 Looked Different from Previous Years

For most regions, Spring Break 2021 has come and gone.  That said, this year certainly has looked different from previous years.  In some areas, the whole thing was delayed by a month or so and has yet to happen. In other areas, it was cancelled altogether.  That said, even for people who were able to take the time, it definitely played out differently than has been the case before the pandemic arrived.

What Was Recommended for Spring Break 2021?

WebMD released guidance based on medical experts and the CDC. There were many questions this year regarding whether travel is safe.  On the whole, the answer remains “not yet”.  That said, there are some exceptions, depending on very specific cases.

Aligning with Spring Break 2021 is a worldwide warning that a third wave is on its way, and that it could be the worst so far in many regions.  Even as vaccinations roll out at an unprecedented pace, there remain variants for which the vaccines provide unknown protection levels, and by this point we remain far from herd immunity.

Lessons from 2020

Spring Break 2020 showed how dramatically travel could allow COVID-19 to spread. Last year’s season contributed to rapid outbreaks in the United States.  The World Health Organization had only just declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020.  The CDC was already recommending social distancing at about that time, but regulations were being made on a state or even municipal level, and mask wearing wasn’t recommended until April.

Therefore, people continued traveling and gathering without masks throughout the season. It was too late for many people to be able to cancel their plans and receive a refund, and at that point, it wasn’t evident to the general population how serious the issue truly was.

A Year Later

This year, the CDC was hopeful that people would learn from what took place last year and that Spring Break 2021 would not be a repetition of the outbreaks that happened a year ago.  It released similar guidance to what was issued during the holidays, saying that “CDC recommends that people not travel at this time, and delay spring break travel until 2022,” said the agency in a Washington Post interview.

It is even recommended that people who are fully vaccinated avoid travel during Spring Break 2021.

The WebMD article recommended that if you absolutely must travel – for example, if your mental health requires it – drive to your destination (which means you’re likely staying in the US or going to one of the best destinations in Mexico or Canada), stay only with people from your own household, stay in a well maintained and cleaned luxury rental property, wear a mask and keep distanced from anyone else.