Your Summer Body Lifestyle Habits Begin This Winter

Your Summer Body Lifestyle Habits Begin This Winter

You probably already know this, but it is a lot easier to establish healthy lifestyle habits for a sexy summer body if you start in the winter. It’s a lot like the difference between studying for a test in advance versus cramming everything in the night before the exam.

If you can start in the winter, you will have plenty of time to set yourself into a healthy routine that includes eating right and exercising. You’ll lose weight and tone up along the way, and, before you know it, you will have a beach-ready body before the summer even arrives.

What are some ways that you can set yourself on the right track while the weather is still too cold for a bikini? Check out the tips below to get started.

Start Intermittent Fasting 

According to The Chalkboard, one of the first things you can do this winter is start an intermittent fasting program. All you have to do is limit the timeframe in which you eat every day, so there isn’t even a need to reduce the number of calories that you’re consuming. Plus, this simple strategy might be just what you need to change other unhealthy eating habits, like mindlessly snacking on the couch while you binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows.

Focus on Strength Training 

Another way to get yourself on track towards a summer body in the winter: strength training. Lifting weights is a great way to burn calories, and it is also the way to go when you want to change the shape of your body by slimming it down and toning it up. Don’t worry, as you don’t have to become a bodybuilder and lift a ton of heavy weights. Instead, you can use light weights, while focusing on your form and the number of repetitions. Combined with a healthy cardio routine, this strategy is sure to get you amazing results. 

Eat More Plants 

Increasing your intake of veggies is a smart way to increase the amount of nutrients that you’re getting from your diet. Also, because vegetables are low in calories, as well as high in fiber, you can indulge without feeling guilty. Adding more vegetables to your meals can help you fill up sooner, and you can combine raw and cooked veggies for plenty of variety. Plus, if you don’t want to go totally plant-based, you can limit your intake of animal products to dinner only. The rest of the day, follow a plant-based meal plan to reduce your intake of fat and calories.

Ready to get your beach body nice and early this year? Use the tips above to jumpstart your weight loss journey.