5 Quick Tips for Working on Your Beach Body

5 Quick Tips for Working on Your Beach Body

Whether you are hoping to attain your beach body or maintain it, there are several ways to go about doing so. Check out our five quick tips for working on your beach body so that you can flaunt what you got.

How to Work on a Beach Body

1. Perform Your Reps More Slowly

Are you the type of person who moves through reps as quickly as possible before moving on to the next exercise in your routine? Well, it might be a smart idea to slow things down.

For moves that are designed to sculpt your muscles, attempt holding them for longer to really get those muscles burning. Furthermore, as you move through your reps, perform them slowly and with plenty of control. The more time you spend on your muscles, the better they will grow and the more calories you can burn.

Give it a try: perform a pushup slowly, perhaps counting for two seconds on the way down, holding for a moment, and then counting two seconds as you make your way back up to the starting position. You will likely feel the difference right away when you do this workout slowly, as opposed to using momentum to move through the reps more quickly.

2. Combine Cardio and Strength Training

There are a host of benefits that can be derived from setting up a workout schedule that incorporates strength training exercises with cardiovascular routines. Not only will you burn calories while strengthening your heart, but you will also be able to improve your endurance and boost muscular strength and stamina as well. Translation: you’ll get a beach body fast.

Rather than doing a lot of reps using light weights, switch things up and aim to use the heaviest weights that you can safely lift. This might be 10-pound dumbbells, as an example. Then, using those heavier weights, perform fewer reps, such as a maximum of just 12 reps.

During every exercise session, perform up to three strength training exercises before moving on to a 45-second high-intensity exercise, such as burpees or jumping jacks. Doing so will quickly get your heart rate elevated, and it’s a great way to combine cardio and strength in the same session.

3. Reap the Benefits Of HIIT

To blast through fat and lose weight more quickly, add HIIT to your workout schedule. High Intensity Interval Training forces you to perform each movement to your maximum, so take advantage of this strategy for toning and slimming your body.

Begin by performing 30 seconds of jumping switch lunges. Rest for 60 seconds. Go on a stationary bike for a sprint lasting just 10 seconds. Then rest for 20 seconds. Repeat this eight times. You’ll be amazed by how hard it is!

4. Get Plenty of Sleep

When it comes to getting a beach body, a lot of people are far too focused on the physical activity that they can squeeze into every single day. While that is certainly part of the plan, you should not neglect the importance of rest, recovery, and sleep.

Bottom line: even if your diet is perfect and you follow a consistent and challenging exercise routine, your results might be lacking if you are not giving your body the chance to sleep and repair itself.

5. Take Advantage of After-Burn

Final tip: focusing on explosive exercises is a great way to tone your body while you’re at the gym, as well as for up to 48 hours afterwards. Talk about getting your beach body fast and with less effort!

Why are explosive exercises, such as jump squats, so effective? Well, they work a few major muscle groups at the same time, and they also engage fast-twitch muscle fibers that use a high number of calories in order to propel you into the air.

Extra Tip: Use One of the Best Diet Pills

In addition to all of the strategies that we discussed above, it is also worth considering some of the best diet pills that are currently available for purchase over the counter. You can find various products that are designed to support your efforts to slim down by doing things like giving you more energy and focus. The key is to do your research into the highest quality options that contain trustworthy ingredients that have been clinically studied for their effects.

As you shop for diet pills, keep the following in mind:

  • Not all products are created equal, and you should keep an eye out for products that contain inferior, or downright dangerous, ingredients.
  • It is a good idea to only purchase diet pills that are made by reputable manufacturers in the United States, as products from abroad might not be all they claim to be.
  • Reading reviews that have been written by other customers can help shed light on whether a product will work as well as it claims.

Also, if you want to take something stronger, you might want to talk to your doctor about a prescription diet pill that can help you lose weight. According to WebMD, some of the most common prescriptions include Contrave, Adipex, Qsymia, and Saxenda.

Stay Focused When Working on a Beach Body!

There you have it: a few quick tips that can help you get the beach body that you want so that you can enjoy some fun in the sun and on the sand this summer.